BFA and Scholt Energy Control - Energetic cooperation

BFA and Schol Energy Control, the energy supplier for the business market in the Netherlands and Belgium, have a cooperation agreement since March 2012. BFA will act as advisor and bring interested members in contact with Scholt.

For many years already, Scholt Energy Control is the leading provider to the compound feed and feed industry in the Netherlands. In cooperation with BFA, Scholt Energy Control offers an unique concept to BFA-members, where electricity can be bought spread on the daymarket BELPEX and the forward market ENDEX. Like this it is easier for BFA-members to buy electricity with the prospects of significant savings.

The electricity taken through Scholt Energy Control is 100% certificated and is totally originated from Belgian renewable energy sources.

BFA-members find more information here.

Energy policy agreement

The energy policy agreement, before know as the Energy Auditconvenant, became effective 1 January 2015 and will run until 31 December 2022. The energy policy agreements (EBO) are designed to provide as many as possible final industrial consumers in terms of energy efficiency. Additionally, the joined companies are obliged to take energy saving measures based on an energy plan. Like this, the joined companies contribute to the realization of the Flemisch CO2- and energy efficiency targets. There are 5 BFA-members who take part to EBO.

In the Commission EBO all the federations were seated of which there are members of EBO. The Commission helps to fill in the auditconvenant and discusses / evaluates the obstacles, additional activities, the collaboration and any disputes.

More information can be found on their website:


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Dust explosion

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Environmental problems

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