Who does what?



Yvan Dejaegher  General advisor

Yvan is since 1988 employed by BFA . As Director-general, he is responsible for the social, financial and personnel management. He takes care of the crisis communication, international negotiations, quality systems, insurance policies, ... Yvan also acts as a spokesman and represents BFA in OVOCOM, Fefac, Raw materials funds, FAVV, Belpork, Fonds landbouw & Visserij, UNIZO, Vilt, IFSA, Mestbank en Vegaplan and many other organisations.


Katrien D'hooghe  Director

Katrien D’hooghe started on the 2nd of January 2018 as Deputy Director at BFA. She will take care of several aspects where BFA is active: Environment & Sustainability & Safety at work; Statistics & Analysis & Quality; Animal Feed Policy & Export & Service provision; Food Safety & Crisis Management. Katrien will also supervise other projects e.g. setting up a communication strategy on mid-long term, startup of the Project2Seas, supervising the real estate project, starting up of the BFA Academy and follow-up of the 75th anniversary of BFA.


Annick De Smedt  Management Assistant 

Annick De Smedt started in January 2018 at BFA as management assistant. She will manage the agenda and she’s also the person behind our general e-mail address. Annick will be your first contact when calling BFA. 

In addition to this, she will be responsible for all logistical aspects within BFA.


contact: infobfabe


Karen Kerckhofs – Staff member Food safety and crisis management

Karen has been part of the BFA team since August 2006. At the start, she took on the communication role, after which she became responsible in 2013 for food safety, including the various sampling plans of BFA (feed materials, additives, petfood, ...). Karen coordinates the risk analyses (WG HACCP), and is also the point of contact for crisis management. In addition, she represents BFA at FAVV, Fefac, VNA, etc.


Eline Overvoorde  Administrative Assistant

Eline started at BFA in March 2008. She's in charge of the practical follow up of the planned analyses in the context of the various sampling plans and Memoranda of understanding of BFA . She does the input of analysis results into the online system, and checks if the results meet the required standards. Members can also contact her for questions related to the shipment of samples, the interpretation of the analysis results and practical questions concerning the sampling plans. Eline is the person you can contact when you have questions about the sampling plans. Lastly, Eline is also responsible of the planning (reminders, changes, ...) and makes, together with Karen, the quarterly overviews ready for reporting to the authorities (FAVV, OVOCOM, ...).

contact: analyses@bfa.be


Liesbeth Verheyen – Staff member Environment - Sustainability and Safety at Work

Liesbeth joined our technical team in December 2012 and she occupies herself with the files concerning environment and sustainability. Liesbeth is also able to tell you everything you would like to know about dust explosion, the prevention plan packaging and the manure issues (MAP, processing manure, ...). She also takes care of the files with regards to safety at work, energy and the platform socially responsible streams of animal feed. BFA is represented by Liesbeth in VCM, SALV, OVAM, Mestbank, Fonds Landbouw en Visserij and so much more.


Evelien Mortaignie – Staff member agro-economics

In September 2018, Evelien joined the BFA team. Evelien will succeed Joachim Vrancx as staff member agro-economics. She will lead all statistical processing data (production, prices, …) in the right direction. Next to that, she coordinates the sampling plans for the Specified Requirements on Organic, the Memorandum of Agreement on Low Nutrients and Zinc. You can also contact her for all questions regarding poultry files (e.g. Intervention Fund Salmonella, VEPEK, Belplume, …) and all reports regarding medicated feed (benchmark, electronic prescription, fine dosage system, etc.). 


Elien Van Stichel – Staff member Animal Feed Policy, Export & Service provision

Elien has joined the team in november 2017. She's responsible for export, animal welfare, animal feed policy and medicated feed. She also represents BFA in FAVV for these topics. Lastly, She also takes care of the administration for KVBM (Koninklijke Vereniging der Belgische Maalders).


Griet Van Asschot  Staff member Communication

Griet is reinforcing the BFA team since January 2017. She takes care of BFA's communication, including the newsletters (BFActs and BFActs Analysis), the press releases and the website management. Furthermore, she is responsible for the organisation of events such as the General Assembly, and for drafting the Annual Report. She represents BFA in the various communication working groups (VILT, Vegaplan, AMCRA, ...).


Els Symons  Management Assistant Translations 

Els joined the BFA team in October 2017. She takes care of the translations of all the BFA documentation and communication. As management assistant, Els focuses on the support of our technical team. Furthermore, she is responsible for the organisation of our different trainings and study trips, and the administrative support of European projects. 

contact: translationbfabe



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