How to be a member?

How to be a member?

You can confirm your membership in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Check if you meet the conditions required for the membership and consult our bylaws.

Step 2: Fill in the application form

Step 3: Fill in the document 'sales reports' (this is necessary for the sales statistics and your contribution) 

Step 4: Take a copy of your FCA-certificate (Feed Chain Alliance - GMP before)

Step 5: Send the application form, accompanied by the sales reports and a copy of  you FCA-certificate, to BFA (Gasthuisstraat 31 1000 Brussel) or through infobfabe 

As soon as we receive your application, it will be presented to the Board of Directors (you can find the date of the next following meeting here). Next a employee will contact you as soon as possible with additional information.

Become a member!

Conditions membership

According our bylaws, to become a member of BFA you need to: a legal entity, be holder of an approval/registration by the appropriate government to fabricate, import or letting fabricate by a third party, of feed and/or feed additives;

2. accept the current bylaws and the Internal Regulations;

3. be a holder of a FCA-certificate (or equivalent) and/or ACG (AutoControlGuide only for petfood and bait);

4. being accepted by the Board of Directors

5. pay the financial contribution during the period determined by the Board of Directors

6. recognize right of ownership to the association about the information BFA sends to their members and to not distribute them without explicit permission of the association.

Rates membership


Become supporting member

Your not a compound feed producer, but you want to become a member of BFA? No problem! We also provide the opportunity to become a supporting member of BFA. If this interests you, you can ask for information without obligation through infobfabe.

List of members

All location units of our members are alphabetically mentioned at the member list

Assembly of members

All the location units of our members are being included alphabetically  in the list of members. 

Sales reports

Members can enter their sales reports here.

The sales statistics that are drawn up by this numbers can be found here.