The FASFC publishes on her website all the information concerning the export of feed. Notice: this information is updated regularly!

For instance you will find the specific procedure concerning the certification about export of feed with related documents:
   • Present certificates through the Internet.
   • Example of a certificate that needs to be filled in through the Internet.
   • Form to apply for a health certificate for the export of feed to third countries. 
   • Statement concerning the mailing of certificates for the export of feed by a different method than by post.

In addition, the FASFC also takes over the entire overview by country of the different certificates:
   • Health certificate concerning feed including feed material, compound feed, additives and premixtures that contains products of animal origin.
    • Health certificate concerning feed including feed material, compound feed, additives and premixtures that without any products of animal origin
   • Certificate about the registration of an establishment
   • Certificare about the registration of a product

BECERT: Application for the electronic submission to apply for exportcertificates

You can find all the practical information and videos through www.favv-afsca.be > voor professionelen > export naar derde landen > BECERT. If you have any questions about the use of BECERT or if there are any difficulties, you can contact becertsupportfavvbe.

(Each business day from 9-12h am and 1-4h pm)  

Export files - state of affairs

Below you find a table in which you can see the most recent state of affairs about the export files.

 Latest state of affairs about the export files from November 2020

Sampling plan Export

BFA worked out a sampling plan Export, set up for the exporters. This plan contains the following analyses: Salmonellatotal bacterial countEnterobacteriaceaeClostridium en bèta-activity.

Sampling plan


More information about the specifications drawn up by BFA, can be read here.


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