Here you can find an overview of the videos in which BFA is represented, both in the general media as the specialised media. BFA is also invited twice a year in the studio of PlattelandsTV in the context of their compound feed special. You can rewatch the interviews below.



Veevoederspecial PlattelandsTV 10/2018

Our autumn special on the Early Warning System (pre-harvest analyzes and predictions), mycotoxins, how this fits in the BFA sampling plan and the analysing methods.

For this we visited Professor Geert Haesaert and our director-general, Yvan Dejaegher explained the BFA sampling plan.


Veevoederspecial PlattelandsTV 06/20178

Director-general Yvan Dejaegher and professor Jeroen Dewulf were invited in the studio. Among others, the reduction of antibiotics and self-checking were discussed.


Veevoederspecial PlattelandsTV 10/2017 

Director-general Yvan Dejaegher and Herman Diricks, Managing Director of the FAVV, were invited in the studio. Main topic was the auto-control system and the role of both BFA and the FAVV in this matter.

 BEMEFA has become BFA: Infomercial

VRT Journaal 11/08/2017 

In view of the Fipronil-case, Director-general Yvan Dejaegher explains that auto-controle works, and that we have an exemplar expertise in this matter.


Veevoederspecial PlattelandsTV 05/2017

Director-general Yvan Dejaegher and president Frank Decadt were invited in the studio. In thsi double interview they talked about subjects such as registration of antibiotics, and the new logo and mission 2020 of BFA.


Veevoederspecial PlattelandsTV 10/2016 

Director-general Yvan Dejaegher was invited to the studio to talk about the challenges for the future of the sector.