Quality systems

On a national scale there are different quality systems who are very active in the field of quality. Frequently there is still a discussion between BFA and this organisations. To know which actions are taken on an international scale, we refer to the section International.


Codiplan vzw was found in 2006 by 3 agricultural organisations (Boerenbond, ABS and the FWA). The aim of this organisation is the management of the sectorguide for primair production. 

Vegaplan.be was also found by 3 agricultural organisations. The public purpose of this association is the administrative management of the Vegaplan Standard (earlier IKKB Standard - Integral Chain Quality Management - called) and its related sectorguides. 

Belbeef develpoted the Generiek Lastenboek Rundvlees (GLR). Participants of these specifications need to follow the specifications of BFA concerning 'The production and delivery of vegetable compound feed'.


Every year Synagra publishes the receipts for cereals, oilseed and high protein crops. Below you find the latest summary.

 Harvest 2017


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