BFA is an association without lucrative purpose with a structure that is determined by the articles of association. The daily operation is governed by the director (Katrien D'hooghe), together with her team of 8 motivated colleagues. Every 3 years a chairman (Dirk Van Thielen (2019)) and a vice-chairman (Frank Decadt (2016)) are selected who assist the team by word and deed.

The decision-making body of BFA consist both out of an Executive Board and a Board of Directors. The directors of the Board of Directors are elected by the General Assembly and every member can only be represented by one director (unless otherwise stipulated).

Every year, the General Assembly also appoints an advisor who looks over the accounts of every work year.

Executive Board

More information about the activities of the Executive Board can be found here.

Board of Directors

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General Assembly

Details about BFA's annual General Assembly can be read here.