Défis et vision d'avenir du secteur de l'alimentation animale

Le secteur des aliments composés pour animaux fait face à de nombreux défis. Ces défis sont présentés lors d'une interview sur la chaîne PlattelandsTV, en plus de la vision d'avenir du secteur.

What we do

BFA represents the interests of all her members (core and compound feed manufacturers) in all the decision and consideration levels, such as the European, national and regional governments, the agriculture organisations, the centres for research, other federations and the organisations in which BFA is represented. Our mission is expressed in the following points:

Proactive policy concerning food safety:

  • Hazard analysis of raw materials processed as compound feed
  • Focussed inspections through our Sectoral Monitoring Plan, mandatory for all our members
  • Good traceability system
  • Development of a crisis protocol with which our members are able to manage a crisis as optimal as possible

Tending to quality:

  • GMP as a standard of quality for animal feed
  • Exchangeability with foreign systems

Eye for the environment with among others:

Other services:

  • Wide variety of trainings offered concerning environment and quality
  • Observation of European and Belgian legislation concerning animal feed
  • Support in legal files and export activities
  • Organisation of internal working groups composed out of experts of the sector
  • Focussed communication to the members and external target groups through our website, weekly newsletters (BFActs and BFActs Analysis), (statistical) annual reports, projects, ...


Who are we?

More information about the history of BFA can be read here .


Here you can read more about the structure of BFA.

Working groups

The different working groups that BFA created are listed here.


Contacting BFA can be done here.