International quality systems

Quality plays an important role in our sector, just like food safety. Through the years, several agreements have been reached with national quality systems. The collaboration with GMP+ is one of them. Here, you can find an overview.


FEFAC – European Feed Manufactures Federation

The European guide for the safety of animal feed (EFMC – European Feed Manufacturers Code) was approved in 2007. The European Permanent Committee concluded that the guide was a part of the new European regulation, ‘EU Feed Hygiene’ and more specifically the obligations concerning traceability and hazard analyses of feed materials. More information can be found on the website of FEFAC.



BFA and GMP+ exchange on a yearly the monitoring results.

The exchange agreement with GMP+ International has been extended. This agreement contains specific conditions, for example the mandatory implementation of unannounced audits in the FSA-system of GMP+. Next there were different executing action points defined and connected to a specific action plan.

In addition, OVOCOM, AIC, QS and GMP+ International work together to harmonise the existing import conditions.

More information about GMP+ can be found through this link.

KAT - Association for Controlled Alternative Animal Husbandry

In June 2012, BFA signed an exchangeability agreement with KAT, the German quality system for eggs. This agreement contains among others; the frequency of the audits, the exchangeability of the analysis results and the requirements for the KAT-certification. Important to know is that an evaluation happens every year between both parties. Do visit to learn more about KAT.


Mutual Agreement BFA & KAT
Interchangeability agreement BFA - KAT (update May 2016)
Interchangeability agreement BFA - KAT (update May 2016) Track changes

 List of companies that are certified by KAT
 List of KAT participants



QS – German control system Qualität und Sicherheit

This German chain guarding system was established in 2002. QS, BFA and OVOCOM aimed at an exchangeability agreement in 2004, as Germany is an important exporting country for compound feed and raw materials. This agreement is prolonged every year, so that Belgian compound manufacturers can deliver to QS-companies without a supplementary audit.

To be able to deliver animal feed as a GMP-certified company to a QS-certified company, you have to be registered in the QS database. Beware, this obligation also applies to GMP-certified transporters who transport their products by order of a GMP-certified company.

Procedure to apply to the QS-system. You can also contact Lisa Krämer (lisakraemerqsde) or Simone Hoogen (simonehoogenqsde).
The use of additives and premixtures in the QS system (also available in German)
 QS-guidelines about product specific marking / labelling to help companies in labelling their goods in the right way (In German)



Robuust, une initiative de la Chain Sustainable Beef (KDR), est un nouveau label de qualité aux Pays-Bas. ands.

Le 13 avril 2017, BFA and KDR ont conclu un accord d'échange qui a été signé par les deux parties. L'accord inclut la liste des fournisseurs belges (annexe 1).

Consultez le quality manual Robuust. Et visitez le website de KDR/Robuust pour plus d'informations.


NZO - Nederlandse ZuivelOrganisatie (Dutch Dairy Organisation)

Since the first of January 2016, dairy companies in the Netherlands expect of their milk suppliers that they only purchase feed from companies who meet the following requirements: 
  • All relevant activities need to meet Securefeed (equipped with the GMP+ FSA system (feed safety certificate or equivalent) or equivalent (ex. FCA Standard). 
  • Equipped with the GMP+ FRA M103 certificate (responsible soya) or equivalent. 
  • Equipped with an assurance concerning the accountability of the products, who meet the requirements. Report to BFA for the review procedure (infobfabe) 

If feedcompanies meet all the requirements, please report to toetsingavbgmailcom to be placed on the White List.

Consult the White List Feedcompanies.


More information about the specifications drawn up by BFA, can be read here


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