African Swine Fever (ASF)

Since the outbreak of African swine fever in wild boar in Belgium on 13 September 2018, the economic damage for the pig sector is very high. BFA has, together with Febev, developed an economic note. This note clearly shows the extent of the economic impact. The sector therefore urgently requires additional measures to stop the further dissemination of the virus as quickly as possible.

 Analysis economic impact of the African swine fever

 Presentatie van het overleg op het FAVV (dd 14 september 2018)

BFA Biosafety Protocol takes effect:

As announced in the Extra BFActs (for members only), phase 2 of the Biosafety Protocol   developed for the African swine fever - came into force on Friday 14th of September.
BFA asks its members to strictly follow the instructions and to show the necessary vigilance.

This currently means that members who move from / to the zone concerned (see map below) are requested to comply with the measures in the protocol.

The main protocol should be a lead to take into considering the measures that have been taken regarding the transport of raw materials and animal feed in case of threat or crisis.

Attention: additional measures may apply (see appendices – first 3 days after outbreak stand still period!)

 BFA Biosafety protocol

The appendices underneath are only applicable if transport takes place from/to surveillance zone when phase 2 (threat = contaminated wild boars) and throughout Belgium if phase 3 (crisis = contaminated pig farm)

 Annex 1: Biosafety measures to be implemented when delivering feed in case of African wine fever: equipment

 Annex 2: General rules for the delivery of feed to farms in case of African swine fever

 Annex 3: Example of a transporter register

 Annex 4: Specific measures for African swine fever cases

 Annex 5: Example of cleaning and disinfection statement

 Annex 6: List of carwash stations in case of African swine feverrikaanse varkenspest

 Annex 7: Destination procedure for means of transport (Phase 3)


Interactive maps 

The links below give access to detailed maps on which the zones are indicated. Based on streets and other details, it is easy to find out whether the plots are located in the zones. 

- The different zones following the Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2019/100 of the 22/01/2019

- European zoning in Belgium



More details about the measures are available on African swine fever.